This was an app I created together with two friends. The goal of this project was to create an app that decreases distraction. We made a “game” that the user can play by keeping his phone locked or on the game screen. Leaving the app will cause losing points.

Customizing the ship

The users can customize their ship in exchange for tokens. Tokens can be earned by getting work done.

Setting the focus time

The focus time can be set using a themed slide. To nudge the user that this element contains interaction, I added a small animation to the handle.

"Playing" together

Inviting others can be done using a link or using the friendlist.


After completing a session the user gets the earned tokens. If the user did very well, there is also a possibility that the user gets a random reward.

The prototype

The app is best viewed using the Framer Preview (iOS / Android) app

IMDb redesign