Following Artists

Product designer

To get notified once your favourite artists are performing in your area, we added the option to follow them via our platform. On top of that, we’re going to use the resulting data to improve our recommendation model. The research consisted of user interviews, a survey, analyzing data and benchmarking similar features.


  • Add the ability for users to get informed when their favourite artists are performing.
  • Get better user insights for our recommendation model
  • Revamp the UI of the existing artists page.

The artists page

Throughout the platform the dark header is used to show general information. The primary action here is to follow the artist. Following an artist will inform users about when they are performing in the area. The tooltip educates the user until they dismiss it or follow an artist.

Simple follow interaction

Similar artists are shown at the bottom of the page. Every artist card on the platform will contain a follow button so users can easily build up their profile. They can for example go to the line-up section of their favourite festival and follow all the artists they like.

Badges across the platform

If you’ve never heard about “Zomer Kabinet" or “Breakfast Club” and you see those event names passing by when browsing TicketSwap, the odds are low you're going to click on them. You simply don’t know what kind of event it is.

The event cards across the platform show badges with artists. The artists on those badges are being followed by the user. This helps the user to determine if an event is interesting to them.


When an artist performing is performing in the area of the user we will send out a push notification. If the user doesn’t have the app installed we send out an email instead.

Homepage widget

A project that is currently work in progress is the redesign of the TicketSwap homepage. The new design has the goal of making the homepage more personalised to the user. One of the new widgets on this page contains all nearby upcoming events of artists the users follows.

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