Event page

Product designer

The event page of TicketSwap is the most viewed page of the platform. Here thousands of fans are trying to get a ticket to their favourite event. My colleague Jim and I worked together on the UX and I finished the UI and led the implementation of the design. By researching Hotjar, doing a survey, digging through testimonials and the contact moments with our support team we composed the following goals.


  • Revamp UI of the page.
  • Simplify ticket alert behaviour.
  • Decrease questions of users where their newly created listings are.

Ticket types

Users land on this page from either our own search or Google results. The page gives a clear overview of general information about the event, the supply and demand, the available ticket types and artists performing at the event.

Listings overview

Here users spend a lot of time trying to get a ticket. To create trust and make the page feel personal we show avatars of the sellers. The comments that sellers add to their listing sometimes create funny situations that even get shared on social media.

Ticket alerts

We changed the ticket alert behaviour from a button that triggered a form to a simple toggle. The user can also set a price limit to only receive alerts for tickets offered below a certain price. Changing the behaviour increased the amount of conversions and time to convert by quite a bit.

Types of listings

New listings only show up after a few minutes to give people with ticket alerts enabled a higher chance of getting a ticket and to combat bots. When doing our research we discovered that sellers went to the event page immediatly after creating a listing but couldn’t see it yet. This resulted in a lot of users contacting support. To solve this issue without giving bots a chance and hurting the ticket alert conversion we will now show the newly created to the seller only.

For about a year we are also selling organizer tickets on the platform. To make the listing more trustworthy and stand out we added a verified badge.


Every artist card contains a follow button. Having this on the event page in the line-up section makes it very easy for users to follow all the artists they like without having to search them all individually. Read more about following artists.

Similar events

At the bottom of each event page the user can find similar events. When there are no tickets available for the event the user can easily find an alternative. The badges with artists the users follows are an extra trigger to visit the events.

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