CSR Platform

VolkerWessels is a big company with many subsidiary companies, all these companies have data that VolkerWessels needs to collect to make a complete Corporate Social Responsibility report.

It turns out that it's a big challenge to collect and manage all this data. To make this an automated process we are building a platform where all the subsidiary companies can fill in their data.


An admin creates a meter and selects which data it contains. Let's say we make an new meter containing fuel.


A meter can contain a meter, which can contain a meter. We make two new meters called: Gasoline and Diesel. We assign these meters to a subsidiary company

Adding data

The company starts filling the meter with data. This can be done manually or using a source file (.csv for example).


The subsidiary company and admin can see all the data that is added to the meter.


The admin can also make alarms to notify users that they have to fill in their data.

Generating reports

When generating a report the user can choose to upload his own Word template.

InVision Prototype

Check out the prototype for more and bigger screens.

Open prototype
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